Kathy & Irv

Both have a deep compassion for Gods people, and hate what Hell has done to cripple, hinder and interfere with the calling of God on the lives of His people.

II Corinthians 10:3-4

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

 Matthew 10:8

 Heal the Sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,  cast out demons.  Freely you have received freely give.

To lead  the child of God one step at a time through the process of deliverance and inner healing.  Our enemy Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Think about it what has Satan taken from you?  What trauma has Hell used to snare you, build his stronghold within you and strip you of the victories that you should be walking in as a christian? Our objective is to lead you through yoke breaking prayers, that will  Break the strongholds in your life.  When the bondages are broken you will be taking back what was legally yours in Jesus Christ, ..Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Health....Call or email us today....let the saints who have been there and have gone through Gods cleansing process help you... why suffer any longer?

Our Mission

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Live Visitors Seeking Freedom!


Characteristics noted below merit a closer look when they are pronounced, persistent or recurrent over a period of time, or progressive - tending to become more, rather than less, extreme. The following thumbnail descriptions of behavior can be a call for help:

1. Confused or disordered thinking: loss of touch with reality - delusions (persistence of erroneous convictions in the face of contrary evidence) - hallucinations; disconnected speech.

2. Obsessions: absorption with a subject or idea to the exclusion of others - compulsions - uncontrollable urges.

3. Inability to cope: with minor problems - with daily routine.

4. Difficulty in making and/or keeping friends: poor social skills - isolation, withdrawal from society - loner life -style.

5. A pattern of failure across the board: at school - at work - in sports - in personal relationships.


6. Prolonged or severe depression: suicide threats and/or attempts.

7. Immaturity: infantile behavior (such as bed-wetting) - over dependence on the mother (excessive clinging as a child and continuing dependence in teens and twenties) - failure to keep pace with peer group.

8. A series of physical ailments: which do not run a typical course and/or fail to respond to treatment.

9. Neglect of personal hygiene: (disheveled and unsanitary surroundings) or exaggerated concern for order and for cleanliness.

10. Difficulty adjusting: to new people and places.

11. Undue anxiety and worry: phobias - feelings of being persecuted.

12. Too much or too little sleep.

13. Excessive self-centeredness: indifference to other people's feelings, doings, ideas - lack of sympathy with another's pain or need.

14. Substantial rapid weight: - gain or loss.

15. Muted, flat emotions: (absence of angry / delighted / sorrowing reactions to stimuli) or inappropriate emotions (sharp, inexplicable mood swings - silliness at serious moments, unpredictable tears).

16. Negative self-image and outlook: inferiority complex - feelings of worthlessness.

17. Frequent random changes of plans: inability to stick with a job, a school program, a living arrangement - failure to keep appointments, abide by decisions.

18. Extreme aggressiveness: (combativeness, hostility - violence, rage) or exaggerated docility (lack of normal competitiveness and self-assertion - refusal to confront, avoidance of argument).


20. Lack of zest and enthusiasm: listlessness, sadness, mood habitually down - limited or missing sense of humor.

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Two principle methods to know the presence of evil spirits:


(1) discernment: I Cor. 12:10  lists discerning of spirits as one of the nine supernatural gifts of THE HOLY SPIRIT.


(2) detection: The second method of knowing the presence and nature of evil spirits. Detection is simply observing what spirits are doing to a person

(Mark 7:24-30).


Some of the most common symptoms of indwelling demons are as follows:


1.   Disturbances in the emotions which persist or recur.

2.   Disturbances in the mind or thought life.

3.   Outbursts or uncontrolled use of the tongue.

4.   Recurring unclean thoughts and acts regarding sex.

5.   Addictions to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, medicines, caffeine, food, sex etc.

6.   Many diseases and physical afflictions are due to spirits of infirmity (Luke 13:11).


Involvement to any degree in religious error can open the door for demons as follows:


1. False religions: e.g. Eastern religions, pagan religions, philosophies and mind sciences.


2. Christian Cults: - all such cults may be classified as bloodless religions having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof (II Tim. 3:5).


3. Occult and Spiritism: - Any method of seeking supernatural knowledge, wisdom, guidance and power apart from GOD is forbidden (Deut. 18:9-15)!


4. False Doctrine: - a great increase of doctrinal errors will be promoted by deceiving and seducing spirits in the last days (I Tim. 4:1).


My heart goes out to all those who have suffered with Covid, and the loss of so many loved ones due to this deadly disease.


It’s time to use our faith, our prayers to go up to God as many voices united as one....you may say but how can we do this? If you decide to join me after reading what I have written...give me a thumbs up or amen..


Warfare strategy....in every military war room..strategies against the enemies are carefully thought through and planned. I’m in Gods army and God uses this ministry in spiritual warfare..for days I have been in the war room seeking a strategy against the worldwide pandemic of Covid.....


2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


If there’s a time this world needs healing ...it’s now!

In many situations of past when there were epidemics of diseases that ended in sickness and death...fire would be used to cleanse the building town, some cases burning the bodies instead of burials...lol..I'm not suggested such drastic measures. Also in last days god is going to destroy everything by fire. Since the fire of god purifies, cleanses, etc.... Covid is rooted in the biological kingdom that is of invisible realm. if we would unite as one voice in targeted prayer against the enemy..I believe we will see the results....its worth attacking it from spiritual side....since all efforts in banishing the unseen enemy seem hopeless. You may not understand this type of warfare prayer, that’s okay...join in agreement. My ministry is spiritual warfare against the unseen enemy who hates God and his precious creation..you.


If there is a witness in your spirit....please join in with one voice around the world...let’s attack Covid at its root.....anyone can join.


Mark 9:38-40...If they aren’t against us they are for us.....


Please forward to those on your friend list...let’s get this warfare prayer circulating around the world..


Explanation of Step 1

In Gods word Jesus says at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is lord......

That's everything on, above, beneath, in the earth....Must bow at name of Jesus ...the only way His name gets heard is if we send it forth against the enemy Covid and demons attached to its assignments.


Step 1...say out loud

SARS, Covid 19, and its variants Delta, Omicron.....and all future variants ..you MUST bow at the name Jesus......I command the name of Jesus to continue to resound in the hearing of SARS, Covid and its variants ..I speak and declare this in Jesus name.


Explanation of step 2

We know in the end of the age god is going to physically destroy the world by fire......he tells us that.....so lets use gods spiritual apostolic fire..that cleanses, destroys , purifies and incorporate it in our daily prayer and decree it...out-loud..against the kingdom of darkness.

Say step 2 out loud

I loose Gods apostolic fire to sweep in, on, above, and beneath the earth, and through the peoples worldwide that are afflicted with Covid ...let your fire burn up and destroy SARS, Covid, Delta, Omicron and future variants Destroy all the plans and schemes of the enemy at its roots in Jesus name...


Use this warfare prayer Incorporated in your daily prayers against the unseen enemy....until it breaks and ends ...remember our God is faithful and greater than Covid...Covid is a mountain that needs to be destroyed...let’s do it together in Jesus mighty name.

Has God used First Fruits Ministry to set you free?

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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;

revelation 12:11

Cassia Ann, NY...

I appreciate minister Kathy's deliverance services! There were some ...bondages that I didn't know I had that were entangling me and she led me through a simple but effective process of becoming free. Glory!

We do not charge for doing Gods work. If you are being led to donate you can do so here. Thank you and God Bless.